Veg Discount Card & Veg Discount Partners

To help offset the cost of running our group and to raise awareness about the viability of offering plant-based/vegan options, we sell Veg Discount Cards, which are good for one year. They are only $15! Get one today, and enjoy savings all over town and beyond! 🙂

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Veg Discount Partners



*Alcohol excluded (all restaurants)

Local Food Delivery

Retail Products


Greenville, SC


*Alcohol excluded


10 thoughts on “Veg Discount Card & Veg Discount Partners

  1. So I just paid for a car. How do I get it

    1. John,

      Did you ever get your card???
      I recently took over the site and just saw this message.


  2. This sounds wonderful! I’m moving to Asheville in a few days!

  3. Yay! Be sure to Join the Asheville Vegan Society on meetup 🙂 welcome to AVL!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this update. It is great to see all the places that offer discounts!

    1. Welcome, Myriah. It’s a win-win relationship for everyone!

  5. I sent in my money and the check was cashed last month, yet I never received the card!

    1. hi, Diana — it came back in the mail. So sorry, we must have the wrong address. Please shoot me a text or call 828-423-6116 and we’ll get you one. I didn’t want to post your address here online . Best, Joe

  6. There is an * stating not on alcohol but I don’t see which restaurants. Is it all the restaurants?

    1. Hi Linda,
      Yes, alcohol is excluded by all the restaurants.
      Forgive my delayed response. I recently took over and am getting familiar with the site!

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